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Costume Crafts

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is world reknowned for its dramatic costumes and floats. Each Samba School tells a themed story using movement and costume during their carnival parade. Dressing up allows us to explore different aspects of our personality and relationships, and most importantly it is a lot of fun!

By including a craft session in your carnival package you will have the chance to explore your creativity, making something individual that you can keep as a memento of the day, whilst also learning some new skills! With a unique head-dress or other carnival accessory, you will feel special and transported into the strange and beautiful world of carnival!

Nicola Benge is a committed, experienced community artist and facilitator, specialising in local community projects and marginalised and vulnerable groups. She plans and delivers multidisciplinary arts workshops including carnival costume making, textiles, and prop making. Clients include various local authorities, the Arts Council, WOMAD festival and English Heritage.

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Craft Workshops for the Kemp Town Carnival 2012

Nicola Benge runs Strike a Light Craft Workshops

"Nicola has been a pleasure to work with, she is dedicated and trustworthy. Over the last three years she has delivered the WRVS Heritage Plus project successfully across Portslade, Brighton and Hove, with positive feedback from participants, volunteers and partner organisations. She is passionate and enthusiastic about her work, which she does in a creative, friendly and approachable manner."

- Kirsty Pattrick, WRVS Heritage Plus Project Manager


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