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Whatever the size or tone of your event, if you're looking for something different then get in touch - we can provide a carnival package to meet your needs.

We are experienced in running workshops for festivals, themed events such as healthy living and a range of community groups, including mental health groups, homeless people, disabled people, youth groups and older people. A highlight for many is working towards a performance, such as Cardboard Citizens' performance at the Mayor's Thames Festival in London.

Whether for one afternoon, a whole day, or as a series of workshops leading to a performance, we can plan a carnival experience including any combination of samba drumming, dance, costume crafts and face painting.

All equipment and materials are provided.

Contact us to discuss your event and specific needs.

Children's drumming workshop at Trees For Cities Event

Dance workshop in tent

"Lorraine is a versatile and energetic teacher who has worked with a plethora of people whether they are from music industry or the local community she gets the best out of them. A pleasure to work with in as a teaching colleague or band member."

- Mestre Fred, London School of Samba


For further information contact us:

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