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Samba dance is central to Brazilian carnival, and what better way to enjoy the music than to move yourself in time with it, learning traditional steps, having fun and keeping healthy, all at the same time!

You will learn a simple yet elegant and energising routine using traditional Brazilian steps from some of the leading samba dance teachers in the UK.

This format is flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs. Contact us if you would like to discuss how it could work as part of your carnival package.

Mariana Pinho, Artistic Director of Gandaia Arts and Maracatufo Mafua, is a Brazilian dance teacher/choreographer and costume designer specialising in Brazilian rhythms. She has performed in the UK, Greece, Algeria, Germany, Scotland and Brazil.

Mariana has worked in UK at all levels from beginner to advanced since 2004. Clients include The Young Vic Theatre, BBC, ITV, Glastonbury Festival, Tribe of Doris, DRUMCAMP, Cardboard Citizens, and a range of local arts groups. She frequently returns to Brazil to further her training and to promote cultural exchange. She recently received a Dance & Folk Award from Brazilian International Press.

Rosaria Gracia is experienced in teaching and choreographing a range of Brazilian dance forms and has performed at high-profile events in the UK, Germany, Spain, Cuba and Brazil. Her clients include WOMAD foundation, British Railways, Unilever, Unison and numerous educational establishments and community groups in the UK and Europe.

Rosaria runs regular workshops in and around Brighton, including with Maracatu Cruzeiro do Sul.

Both are experienced and enthusiastic tutors and will bring joy and energy to your carnival experience.

Rosaria teaches Brazilian dance

Marianna Pinho Dancing


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