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Team Building

Are you looking for something fun and engaging to energise and break down barriers at your team building or social event?

Turn things upside down by tapping into your creative thinking and expression and interacting with colleagues in a completely different way.

Samba drumming is uniquely energising, and great fun for any event. Everybody is in the same boat learning a new skill from scratch and having their faces painted carnival-style. Structured with different parts like an orchestra, the sessions will promote co-operation, non-verbal communication, and listening to how everybody else’s part fits with your own – ideal skills to take back to the workplace. You won’t believe how much you can achieve in just one session!

By dressing up and having your faces painted you will see a new side of each other and liberate yourselves from the usual workplace roles, laying the ground perfectly to bring in new ways of working and interacting. A final showcase performance will bring a shared sense of achievement that will motivate and inspire.

For a fully immersive carnival experience, particularly suitable for larger groups or a longer event, why not include a samba dance class or a costume craft session making accessories or head-dresses?

All sessions are fully insured and risk assessed, and all equipment and materials will be provided, including earplugs to protect hearing during drumming.

Contact us to discuss your tailored session. All of our workshop leaders are professional and happy to accomodate your individual needs and objectives.

We were proud to participate in the Royal College of Nursing's Health and Wellbeing programme, and feature in their video at 2:33:

Cardboard Citizens at the Royal Festival Hall 2007

“Lorraine Prince brought real fun and energy to the samba session she ran with the Royal College of Nursing staff when she delivered this session at Learning at Work week. The smiles and joy on their faces said it all. Not only had they had fun but did so in the knowledge it was making them healthy! Lorraine comes highly recommended.”

- Pauline Lethwaite, Organisational Development Adviser, Royal College of Nursing


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